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After divorce, child custody is possibly the most antagonistic area of family law. Each parent wants custody of and access to their child and is willing to do almost anything to gain it.

Understanding the different aspects of custody is the first step to earning a favorable child custody arrangement. Our highly skilled child custody attorney in Jacksonville has years of experience in handling such an important aspect of your child’s life.

Florida family laws are built around awarding custody based on the best interests of the child. To ensure that your voice is heard during these challenging cases, turn to our experienced Jacksonville child custody lawyers at the Law Office of Sara Frazier.

Should I Hire A Child Custody Attorney in Jacksonville?

Essentially, you need to keep in mind the goal of a child custody hearing is to serve the best interests of the child by identifying the most proper child custody arrangement.

Normally, parents are advised to work with child custody lawyers when facing difficult or intricate child custody issues in Jacksonville, FL

Suppose you are a parent preparing divorce proceedings for your children’s other parent. In that case, it’s simply natural to want to secure as many child custody and visitation rights as you possibly can.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for some divorcing parents to slip into the trap of using custody as leverage, and this tactic rarely works out in any positive manner.

Nevertheless, the right custody lawyer can help you remain focused on what is most meaningful in your divorce and build a solid case for guardianship of your children.

Just a few of the factors considered when determining what is in the child’s best interests include:

  • Proposed and current living arrangements of the child
  • History of parental involvement in the child’s life
  • The child’s educational environment and development
  • Each parent’s current financial situation
  • Quality of the parental plan
  • Willingness to adapt for the good of a child or co-parent’s changing needs
  • Presence of domestic violence

Defining Child Custody in Florida

First and foremost, child custody lays out the rights and obligations of both parents in regards to their children after some aspect of the parental relationship has changed, such as a legal separation, divorce, or paternity decree.

The courts will be addressing two different types of custody:

  • Physical custody -, determines where the child lives, and
  • Legal custody - outlines a parent’s rights to make decisions about education, medical care, religion, and overall welfare

Each of these types of custody may be sole, primary, or joint custody. Generally speaking, one parent will be designated as the primary custodial parent with whom the child will live, and the other parent will have a visitation schedule in Florida.

Can a Father Get Sole Custody of His Child in Florida?

On rare occasions, either parent would gain sole responsibility and custody in Florida. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. For a father to have full custody in Florida, he must show evidence to the court that any parental responsibility given to the mother would damage the children involved.

Let Our Jacksonville Custody Attorney Help You

At the Law Office of Sara Frazier, you can rest assured that you will receive the attentive, personalized care that you and your family need. Our team is proud to give clients the benefit of our extensive experience providing legal counsel for family law matters.

Call us today at (904) 395-2044 to schedule your consultation. We are prepared to fight for your family!

Why Attorney Sara Frazier?

  • Attention to Detail

    Every case receives the same level of earnest attention and dedication from our legal team.

  • Concern for You First

    You are always first priority at Law Office of Sara Frazier. You are never an afterthought.

  • Dynamic Representation

    Attorney Sara Frazier represents every case with the same passion and drive.

  • Comprehensive Litigation

    Attorney Sara Frazier prepares every case as if it were going to trial and is not afraid of going to court.

“Sara advises me what I could achieve and equally importantly she counseled me what I probably would not be able to achieve. Her advice turned out to save me financially and save my relationship with my children which was falling apart. Sara was great during the four way conference and when in court he kept her cool even when my husbands attorney just started making up stories. She got the judge focused on the facts, spelled out the numbers and her professionalism coupled with her passion won the court over. I give her an A plus and recommend her unequivocally.”

- Natasha
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